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Where We Work

The main office of MicroSmart is located in Palestine - Gaza, where it launched its programs. MicroSmart works to provide its services in different work environments all over the world through many means consistent with the nature of the services.

Our customers

MicroSmart provides its services on several different levels: individuals, organizations, markets, goods, and communities.

Standards of Competitive Advantage

MicroSmart adheres to the four Standards of competitive advantage, accuracy in performance, quality of output that meets customer expectations and satisfaction, competitive cost, and granting customers the option of innovation.

Social Responsibility

Microsmart adopts policies that care about the interests of society and the best interests of all our customers.

Our Services

We do everything in partnership with our customers. We discuss, listen, understand ideas, and search for options in order to rise in achieving the competitive advantage that gives us the distinction of customer superiority

Digital Transformation
Individual Training
Training for organizations
Business solutions
Are you competent?

We, the MicroSmart team, strive with firm determination toward excellence in everything we do. We believe that our human resources are the real force that leads to excellence, and we appreciate that everyone on our team has something that distinguishes her or him. There are no borders stand between what we do in order to work with passion to make a real difference in customer expectations, the continuous development of the capabilities of the team, and the creation of a conducive work environment full of challenges and rewards that encourages creativity, innovation, personal growth, and diversity. By joining MicroSmart, you become a member of a supportive family, committed to flexibility and work-life balance to ensure the well-being and safety of our human resources. We strive to do whatever it takes to combine talent with innovation

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MicroSmart Core Values


We look at risks and creative ideas as opportunities, and think proactively and prepare for new success.


We work to fulfill the obligations and duties that lie upon us by being reliable and responsible and ensuring delivery on time with high quality


MicroSmart seeks to strengthen the relationship with all stakeholders of MicroSmart’s operations and projects, so MicroSmart is keen to make its businesses an open book containing clear pages of credibility, belonging, and trust


Act with honesty, openness, and impartiality, adhering to the corporate’s strong ethical principles and values

Growth and Synergy

Continuous perseverance for development and learning is the most important pillar that supports professional and personal progress, we value and develop the talents, initiatives, and diversity of our employees, and we support the collective effort and cooperation that leads to the best results


We work to combine the ability to achieve with the desire to achieve the best results and we look at the challenge with excitement and interest

Company Address

Gaza - Omar Al-Mukhtar Street - opposite Gaza Municipality Park - Gardens Building - Sixth Floor.

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